Kitchen Renovations & Slow Cooker Recipes

A friend of mine recently approached me for some slow cooker recipes – namely because she has no kitchen!

She has decided to have a new kitchen installed because her old one was a relic of 50s design.

She has the most wonderful story about her nightmare adventures in the world of kitchen renovations – some of it hardly worth believing.

She’s had a few over the years as they tend to move to a property in need of renovation, do the refurbishment whilst living there and then sell up and move on.

By now you would think she has learned caution – but oh no! After reading up on the latest kitchen designs she hired a team to complete her kitchen.

Two months later after stripping her kitchen to the walls, they disappeared with the deposit and she was in need of help!

The moral of this story, I fear, is to take the time to find good handymen.

She found a wonderful team online this time and had them bid for her job.

But, back story aside, she suddenly followed herself in need of some meals she could cook in her slow cooker!

I passed her a few I found on All Recipes and a particular favorite was this Fragrant Lemon Chicken which she served for Sunday dinner with an unusual array of barbecue roasted vegetables (bearing in mind this is deep winter in Scotland and as such, it took a great deal of courage to prepare and cook these delights!)

Some great recipes for adaptations came from Olla Gitana (a lovely warming soup), Chilli Con Carne (when cooked long and slow this dish is truly divine in a slow cooker) and a variation of Ethel´s Beef Stew

My interest in slow cooker meals has once again been captured and I have ordered myself a new slow cooker today – the results of which I shall, of course, share with you all in due course.

My friend too, as although the kitchen is now almost done, she is now adoring the advantage of slow cooker meals!

Do you have any slow cooker recipes you could share with us all?

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