How to review your credit score

Most people need personal finance help.

One of the ways you can help yourself is to check your credit score regularly for errors and changes.

There are a number of different services you can use to check your credit score, I prefer Equifax.

I found a great post here that gives detailed information on how to check your credit score using Equifax.

            It has been my experience that most people underestimate the value of a credit score.

Conversely, I think most people don’t realize the potential problems you could run into if your report is incorrect.

It is very realistic to get denied a mortgage based on information that could be incorrect in your report.

Personal finance help begins with you.

You should check your credit report about 2 times per year.

Then, talk to a credit professional to look at strategies to help improve your score.

If your score is good, a credit professional can give you ideas on how you can keep your score high.

            Take the time to look at your credit report at least twice a year.

Use a service like Equifax.

You can read a post I found here about how to check your report using Equifax.

Finding mistakes in your credit report could not only save you money but could also save you from potentially losing out on a mortgage.

Personal finance help begins with checking your credit report regularly.

How about that?

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