How Does Stress Affect the Healing Process?

How Does Stress Affect the Healing Process?

Originally I wanted to write about my foraging trip today.

The two and a half hours I spent in the forest stretched me beyond my capability, enough that I crashed when I got home.

Fortunately, I managed to get the greens into the sink with soap and water so that they can start the cleaning process.

But now I want to talk about how outside stress affects the healing process.

At this time in Jerusalem, we are living through the worst case of pedophilia in the recorded history of this country.

Reports started filtering out of the neighborhood that three pedophiles were working the neighborhood – with a handful of child victims.

Then it grew to 15, with 50 children victims. Now it is over 30 scum that has destroyed over 100 children.

These are some links to English sites talking about the case:

Nachlaot Pedophile Crisis: At Least 100 Victims (Updated November, 2012)

Just a few years ago my neighborhood was struck by the same evilness.

As devastating as ours was, there was a ring of 6, not 30. And the number of victims here was much smaller than 100.

Unfortunately, at least one victim became a perpetrator, and another had started on that same path. For the one victim/perp, his family moved out of the neighborhood.

The other victim/almost perp entered counseling as is moving on to a healthy life.

My question to you is, how does stress like this affect your own ability to heal?

These perps target religious communities like ours because the families have been so insulated they don’t know that this kind of activity exists.

And the children are scared to death, by the threat of death to themselves, their siblings, and their parents.

It would be a perfect world if all the perps were caught, jailed, and chemically castrated.

But that is not the case. Some of these scum will go free (for the time being). Another perp may get to return home, to his new neighborhood, after a few years because the children he destroyed are having a difficult time coming forward.

In other words, he’ll be out and able to destroy more children. Too bad we have laws against vigilantes.

How do you try to heal while this stress affects your life? What do you do on a daily basis?

How do you make sure your children are armed with the best information without scaring them so much that they refuse to leave the house?

And what do you think about laws that communities have the right to know when a former perp moves into the neighborhood?

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