Inforib revenue program makes you money while you surf

Inforib revenue program

You must have been hearing about the Inforib revenue program and considering whether or not to join.

This post promises to share with you everything you need to know about the revenue program and some of the key features.

Well, you must have been wasting your time surfing the web if you don’t join the Inforib revenue program.

It’s time you got paid for the time you spent on the internet.

That’s why Inforib is here to help you in the process.

How to make money with Inforib Revenue Program

Inforib is an online platform for asking and answering questions.

If you have a question that is bothering you, by simply posting it on Inforib, you’ll have other members answer the question and get paid in the process.

This 2 category of people gets paid on the platform.

People asking questions and people answering questions both get paid.

So the more question you ask and the more answer you provide means accumulating more earnings.

Unlike other online platforms with similar features that you engage for free.

Apart from the question and answer, there are other alternative ways you can earn from Inforib.

Features and Earnings:

  • Free registration – No Signup fee
  • Signup bonus – N1,000
  • Affiliate Referral bonus – N100
  • Ask a question – N5
  • Answer a question – N20
  • Publish article – N500
  • Report eyewitness news – N200
  • Track your earnings
  • Easily withdraw your earnings to your bank account.

One fun fact about this platform is that you don’t have to pay a dime to join.

Signing up is completely free.

The list above outlines the means through which you can earn from the revenue program.

So if you have a blog with an audience, then you can go ahead and introduce this to them and start earning through the referral feature.

If you have social media followers, you can also go ahead and share this with them and earn via referrals.

There is no signup fee for you to be a part so no worries about losing your money.

To be a part, simply head over to Inforib website and signup to start earning while you surf.