Rice purity test score meaning

Have you ever wondered what could have been the meaning of the rice purity test score?

It could be that you saw it online during research on a particular keyword, someone posted it and that got you thinking of what is the meaning of it, or perhaps you overheard it during a conversation.

Whichever way it is that gears you to seeking for the meaning of “Rice Test Score”, just be glad that you are here on this page, coz in this article, you will definitely get to know the actual meaning of the rice purity test score.

However, for those of you who thought that the term ” rice” as used in this article is referred to the normal rice that we do eat, please take your mind of there, because this happens to be an entirely different ball game of which you’ll find out as you keep reading.

What’s the rice purity test?

This test is like a survey with the aim of knowing how often you or your pals indulge in unnecessary/immoral activities such as s*ex, normal crime, or dr*gs.

The test is self-graded though using the ratio of 0 – 100 percent.

100 Questions will be thrown at you and it only requires a YES or NO kind of answer, in the end, your score will be calculated

With the score you got from the rice purity test, you will be able to know how pure or immoral you are, or your friends around you that undergo the test.

I know that a lot of you will be wondering how this has to do with RICE, so on that note and to avoid keeping you in a confused state, let me briefly explain why Rice comes-in in this article.

How was the Name Rice Purity Test Derived?

The answer to this is quite simple, Incase you asked anywhere.

The reason why this test is named “Rice Purity Test” is that the survey was first carried out at the RICE UNIVERSITY” that’s located in Texas, Houston to be precise.

The test as used in the institution was voluntarily carried out by the university freshers in order to help them know and get acquainted with other students who are in their circle

But now, the test is used as a game between friends just for fun.

How is the Rice Purity Test Carried Out?

Recall I made mentioned that you will have to answer 100 questions using the YES or NO format?

Oh yes, that’s how this test works.

The 100 questions will include questions from different immoral activities such just as those I earlier listed.

If you are carrying out this survey online, all you are to do is to tick the appropriate answer box before submitting it to generate the test score.

If you get to score 0 percent, that means you are highly immoral, but if you score 100 percent, my dear, consider yourself a saint meaning that you are the purest.

Generally, the higher the score, the purest you are, and vice versa, the lower the score, the less pure (filthy minded) you are.