The myth of ember months

There has always been a lot of panics when people step into the last quarter of the year.

The last four months of the year, the ember months have always been filled with uncertainties.

If you’re afraid of the myths of EMBER months, and you think you’re a believer, a child of God, you’re only thinking.

It is either you are not a child of God as you think or you’re a child of God without knowledge of who you truly are.

Every month of the year is a normal month, there is no bad month.

All the months are good.

Witches, wizards, and evil only exist in the minds of people who make themselves slaves to them.

A believer of the finished work of Christ is blessed with many good things in Christ, but ignorance can deprive you of access to all that is made available for you in Christ.

You can’t be in Christ and live in fear of witches, wizards, and evil.

If you do, you’re without the knowledge of WHO you are, and WHAT you have in Christ, and Satan can take advantage of your ignorance.

Ember months are blessed just like months of the year, and all the good things that will make these months memorable are waiting for you.

Because you’re victorious in Christ, you’ll win this month.

Here is the declaration for the ember months

  • As many that are sick of whatever sickness, sick bodies be healed
  • Be prosperous materially
  • Receive your appointment letter
  • Conceive and bear your child
  • Let there be peace in your homes, and relationships henceforth.
  • Find peace in your heart, and live peacefully
  • Be financially prosperous
  • Be engaged for marriage, and be married
  • May you find happiness;

Whatever your heart desires are, receive them now in the name of Jesus.